Crosley Turntable Not Spinning: Causes & Fixes

It’s always disappointing when trying to listen to your favorite song with the Crosley record player, but it keeps having other plans. For some reason, the music doesn’t play because the record stops spinning. 

If you happen to be to be facing such troubles, you’ll want to continue reading this article. We will be discussing everything that can stop your Crosley player from spinning, and also, how to fix them.

crosley turntable not spinning

Crosley Turntable not Spinning: Possible Causes

The Crosley Turntable is a pretty decent record player. As such, what can cause a spinning failure is pretty noticeable.

  • Power Issues

This is the first box you want to have checked before anything else. If you happen to be having a faulty power supply, you’re less likely to have the player running at all.

Most Crosley units use a wart-style transformer, as such their power supply is usually durable. However, they’re prone to wearing over time so make sure you check it first if you’ve been using your unit for a while.

  • Belt Failure

A belt failure on your Crosley Turntable is either caused by a loose belt connection or one that’s too tight.

After the Crosley Trustable has been played multiple times, you can have the belt begin to lose friction due to expansion. Thus, the platter won’t turn with the motor shaft.

  • Problem with the Motor Shaft

The motor shaft is what makes the record spin the disk. When this component gets bad, it’s usually because of a burn out so it’s quite easy to spot.

To confirm if you have a motor burnout, check for black residues or an odor of burnt copper. You can also use a voltmeter if you’re a DIY enthusiast that works with electronics.

  • Defective Spin Needle

Sometimes, you may have other important working perfectly, but just a little fault on the spin needle will keep it from spinning/playing records.

Usually, this is because the needle is broken, and the only effective way to fix is a complete replacement.

Crosley Turntable not Spinning: How to Fix

As said earlier, there are not a lot of things that can prevent your Crosley Turntable from spinning. As such, the potential causes above often come with dedicated guides to either troubleshoot or fix.

  • Check the Power Supply

First, you want to confirm that there’s power being supplied to your device before proceeding to make remedies as if there’s a power issue. To do this, simply plug another electronic in the power outlet, and see if it works.

If you can confirm a good power supply, you can proceed to plug back your Crosley power adapter, then test with a voltmeter to see if the proper power ratings for the unit are what’s being delivered.

Next, you’ll want to determine if it’s the internal components that are having power issues. At any point you spot a flaw, it should be fixed before considering anything else.

  • Check for Broken or Loose Belt

If you happen to be dealing with a broken belt only a replacement would do. You’ll have to take out the broken belt, clean the motor and platter with isopropyl alcohol, and then attach a new belt.

However, if your issue is just a loose belt, you only need to return it to its original size. To do this, remove the belt and put it in hot water for about 10 minutes. It should shrink back to its original size, then fix it back on, making sure it’s not rubbing against another part of the record player.

  • Replace the Motor Shaft

If you happen to have a damaged motor, only a replacement would do. This will require a little more than regular DIY skills as you’ll need to do some soldering. Also, you may want to go through a step-by-step on how to install the new motor.

Crosley Turntable Spinning Too Slow: How to Fix

There are some times when the problem isn’t completely a stop of the motor, but it spinning slowly leading to distorted sounds. In cases like this, you only need to know a couple of equipment maintenance tips to get it running in optimal condition again.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

You don’t have to wait till your platter is no longer rotating at the correct speed before intervention. You want to regularly (at least once a month) clean it with a lubricant, then add some drops of SAE20 or 20W-50 grade oil in the motor shaft, and the area where the spindle enters the housing.

  • Service the Belt

Over time, your belt is likely to wear out or rotate a little out of place. If you can confirm that the belt is not broken, your next step is to soak it in hot water for about 10 minutes so it regains its original length, then replace it properly.

  • Do some Fine-tuning Adjustments

This should always be your final solution if you’re not satisfied with the result after trying what’s outlined above. More so, it’s recommended that tuning is only tinkered by someone with enough experience with record players as if done wrongly, things can become a lot worse.

All Crosley Turntable models come with their respective manuals for fine-tuning. If you can’t access yours for guidelines, you’ll want to search the website.


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