JBL Headphones Not Charging: Causes & Fixes

JBL headphones after full charge can last up to 12 hours with their lithium-ion battery. These headphones can handle your music, movies, and phone calls throughout the day without bogging down. So, if your JBL headphones are not charging, it may get you really furious.

In this blog post, we’ll look into the most common causes of the “JBL headphone not charging” as well as some DIY fixes that can help.

jbl headphones not charging

JBL Headphones Not Charging: 7 Common Causes

The reasons why your JBL headphone is failing to charge can range from having a faulty port to having a malignant bug on it. You should go through the following carefully to get a view of what might have gone wrong.

1. Dirty/Faulty Charging Port

If you’ve been using your headphones for some time now, chances are dirt and debris might have clogged up your JBL port. This is bad, as having a dirty charging port can interfere with the connection between the charging port and cable.

Make sure the ports at both ends are not faulty. Check for any signs of moisture, rust, wear and tear. Also, If the ports smell burnt, it could be a short circuit.

2. Damaged Charging Cable

The inner wiring of your charging cable might have broken apart over time, especially if they are of low quality. Rolling your cables tightly can also fray the inner wiring. This will result in the cable being unable to carry the current forward. In some cases, the charging may fluctuate.

3. Dead Battery

JBL headphones house powerful, portable Li-ion batteries. Despite their long life, the batteries sometimes get completely drained. Once completely drained, the batteries would not have enough power to start charging.

Also, for safety and protection reasons, the batteries may not charge. This, however, does not necessarily mean you must get new batteries. Read on as we’ll cover this under the fixes.

4. Extremely Cold Temperature

Again, Lithium-ion batteries are great, but at extremely cold temperatures, the batteries could the batteries get into a ‘low-voltage cut-off circuit’. This causes all of its charges to get depleted without notice.

In this state, your JBL headphone won’t charge and you should not even bother to charge them immediately. Instead, leave your headphones in a warm environment or close to a heater before charging.

5. Software Bugs

Software bugs are nothing serious. Only that they could cause charging problems in your headphones. A simple software update or reset would resolve this issue.

JBL Headphones Not Charging: How to Fix

Below, we’ve highlighted the best DIY fixes that’d help you get over this charging issue quickly.

1. Troubleshoot your Power Source

As a first step, ensure that current is actually flowing through your source, be it your electrical outlet or the USB port of your PC. A simple way to check is to try charging another device (your phone or tablet) via the same source.

If nothing is charging, your power source is the culprit. In this case, you’d want to switch to another power source.

2. Clean the Charging Port

Accumulated dirt, dust, and moisture in the charging ports of your headphones can cause them not to charge. So, if you notice any, it’s best to get them off.

You can use think toothpicks to remove any clog, while being careful not to scratch the ports. Next, use a microfiber cloth or cotton swab damped in alcohol to clean the ports at both ends. Then, try charging it after it’s completely dry.

3. Replace your Charging Cable

If you have an extra charging cable, try using it instead. Sometimes, third-party cables do not work properly with your JBL headphones. Also, if you notice any visible signs of damage, you may need to replace your charging cord.

A fast adaptive charger with an output of at least 5V 2A would work well. To protect against any damage to the cable, later on, you should consider getting a charging cable protector.

4. Leave it Plugged

At times, your JBL headphones might have drained up all of its battery so that it no longer have the capacity to charge instantly. We’ve mentioned what causes this earlier on. To solve this, all you need to do is leave it plugged for some hours to give the batteries a boost. You can also leave them to charge overnight.

5. Keep at Optimal Temperature

Maintaining the temperature of your headphones is essential, as getting it overly hot or cold can cause issues. If it gets TOO cold especially, it may fail to charge for safety reasons. You can place it close to a heater for a while, then proceed to charge.

6. Reset your JBL headphones

Software glitches and bugs can cause your headphones not to charge. Resetting it will help you return it to the state you bought it. Follow these manual steps to do that:

  1. Confirm that your JBL headphones are on. If not, press the power button.
  2. Long-press the volume down and volume up buttons (on the right headphone)at once for more than 10 seconds. Note: For JBL JR460NC, long-press the power and play buttons simultaneously.
  3. Release the buttons. You will hear a sound that indicates a successful reset.
  4. Connect to the charger to see if it now works.

7. Update JBL Firmware

New versions often have improved functionality over previous ones and can help solve compatibility issues that may occur while charging. Here’s how you can update your JBL headphone firmware:

  1. First, download the JBL mobile app on your device.
  2. After installation, open the app and connect the headphones to the app
  3. Select the headphones on the app.
  4. You should see information about it. If there’s an update available, an orange circle will be there.
  5. Tap the orange circle, then select Install. You will see a restart message once complete.
  6. Restart your JBL headphones using the power buttons
  7. Now, try connecting to a charger.


If the issue still persists after trying all these fixes, it is most likely hardware-related. In this case, you should seek professional help, or contact JBL’s customer care.


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