MPow Bluetooth Headphones Not Pairing: Causes & Fixes

MPow is a China-based brand that specializes in audio products including headphones, speakers, and microphones. They offer a wide range of Bluetooth headphones, at different price points, from budget-friendly options to more premium models.

If you happen to have an MPow Bluetooth headphone that’s not pairing, don’t worry, we’ll be helping you with solutions in this article. First, we’ll outline some possible causes, and discuss multiple ways they can be fixed.

mpow bluetooth headphones not pairing

MPow Bluetooth Headphones not Pairing: Possible Causes

There are very few things that can hinder the successful pairing of an MPow Bluetooth headphone. The good thing is that most are not caused by hardware damage so it’s easily corrected.

  • The Device is Out of Range

In most cases, it’s because your playing device is not close enough to the headphones for successful pairing. Bluetooth headsets typically have a connection range of just 30 feet, and this is only in standard conditions when there’s no interference.

  • Interference from Other Devices

Bluetooth devices are susceptible to interference from other devices =, such as microwaves, cordless phones, and other Bluetooth devices. Try to connect the headphones in another area if there’s a device that’s capable of causing interference nearby.

  • Chip Storage is Full

MPow Bluetooth headphones only allow 8 devices to be paired to it at a time. Exhausting the maximum number of pairable devices will mean that you will experience failure trying to pair other devices. To correct this, you’ll want to reset the headset to factory mode. We’ll give a step-by-step guide to resetting MPow headphones in the next section.

  • Paired to Another Device

Aside from having a defined number of pairable devices, your headphone can only connect with one at a time. If you have one pair already locked, you won’t be able to pair another device, even though it may still be searchable in your available devices section.

  • Hardware Failure

Often classified as a Bluetooth antenna failure, there may have been damage to the headphone’s hardware system perhaps due to physical damage. For the most part, this is not fixable or at least, isn’t always economical to look for a fix.

MPow Bluetooth Headphones not Pairing: How to Fix

Having your MPow Bluetooth headphones fail to pair is never a good situation you’d want to be in. Luckily, you don’t have to go through much hassle when fixing pairing problems that are not hardware-related. 

  • Factory Reset the Headphone

The steps for resetting MPow headphones vary by model. For this article, we’ll cover how to reset some of their popular models.

How to Factory Reset a Mpow H19 IPO Headphone

Press and hold the power button for 7 seconds until the LED indicator flashes red and blue alternately.

How to Factory Reset a Mpow H7 Headphone

Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds until the LED indicator flashes red and blue alternately.

How to Factory Reset a M9 Wireless Earbud

When both earbuds are charged in the case, simultaneously press and hold both buttons for 10 seconds.

  • Soft-Reset your Phone’s Bluetooth

This is the first solution you may want to try before even considering a factory reset of the headphones. simply toggle your phone in and out of airplane mode, and activate the Bluetooth again to begin pairing. If you’re looking to connect with a PC, you may need to restart the PC before trying to connect again.

Mpow Headphone not Turning On: Causes & Fixes

Mpow headphones are generally made to be durable, as such, if it’s not turning on, it’s very unlikely that the issue is from hardware damage. Let’s discuss some causes and how to fix them.

  • Low Battery

Without question, when the battery of your headphones is drained, you will be unable to use it. Your next step should be towards charging it.

While that’s the case, you want to make sure that you’re using the correct charger as any third-party charger that doesn’t meet the device’s specifications would do you any good. Lastly, you might also want to confirm that the charging port is in good condition by checking if all pins are intact.

  • Faulty Battery

If you can confirm that you’re using the recommended charger and your device still fails to turn on or the charging indicator fails to light up, then you have a faulty battery issue in your hands.

Most Mpow headphones use a removable battery so you can easily get a replacement and swap. Even for the models without removable batteries, you can always take the device apart and solder a  new battery as its built-in battery is quite common. 

  • Circuit Damage

Although not common, your device can incur some physical damage, causing it to stop turning on. Unfortunately, when this happens, there’s usually no fixing it as Mpow doesn’t produce parts and it’ll be more expensive to search for third-party parts to fix a headphone.


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