Raycon Earbuds Keep Disconnecting: Causes & Fixes

Raycon is a brand of wireless earbuds and headphones that was founded in 2017. They’re known for producing budget-friendly earbuds and have been featured by many top celebrities in the US, including Logn Paul and The Rock.

While affordability is their major plus side to owning a Raycon earbud, a lot of users have complained about their device frequently disconnecting which is often a disappointing experience, regardless of how little you paid to get it.

 If you happen to be among this set of users, don’t worry, we’ll be discussing how to solve the problem in subsequent writing. meanwhile, before we get to that, let’s quickly outline some possible causes why Raycon earbuds keep disconnecting.

raycon earbuds keep disconnecting

Raycon Earbuds Keep Disconnecting: Possible Causes

The good thing about Raycon earbuds is that most of its connection problems are quite generic, as such, you don’t need a particular skill if you’ve been using other types of earbuds before.

  • Bluetooth Interference

This is the most common problem associated with Bluetooth earbuds. If you happen to be attempting to use your device around other wireless devices that operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency, metal objects, or water, you’re likely to experience some signal disruption. Also, there can be interference as a result of trying to operate from long distances or obstacles that can block Bluetooth signals.

  • Low Battery

Part of the telltale signs that an earbud is low is constant disconnection when trying to play with it. While you can easily spot the battery level on your Bluetooth icon in your notifications bar, and charge, frequent disconnection is one way to force you into making the charge as soon as possible.

  • Outdated Firmware

There are situations where your earbud may be frequently disconnecting because of a software bug. The only good thing about this is that Raycon earbuds are updateable, as such, the developers often release an update when the bug is identified. In the next section, we’ll discuss how to update a Raycon earbud.

  • Factory Defect

This is often the case when you can’t really confirm that any of the above reasons are what’s causing an issue with the earbud. Although not familiar, it’s a strong possibility that you’re experiencing disconnects because the Bluetooth antenna in the earbud was defective from the factory. The only solution here is to message customer support and ask for a warranty claim if you’re eligible.


Raycon Earbuds Keep Disconnecting: How to Fix

There’s not a lot that could go wrong and cause a Raycon earbud to continuously disconnect. More so, other than it being defective right from the factory, there’s a pretty good chance that you can have any issue fixed.

  • Charge the Earbud

It goes without saying that if your issue happens to be from a low battery, the solution is to have the earbuds charged. You may need to make a complete charge cycle for things to work perfectly again.

  • Reset the Earbud

If simply charging your device doesn’t work, a reset should be your next best bet. Raycon earbuds have a generic way of resetting, the only difference is the location of the reset button.

  1. Put the earbuds in the charging case.
  2. Close the charging case.
  3. Press and hold the reset button on the charging case for 10 seconds.
  4. The LED light on the charging case will flash red and blue.
  5. Release the reset button.

The reset buttons of Raycon earbuds are typically located on the back of the charging case but the exact location depends on the model.

  • Clear Interference

To confirm this is the problem, you may want to leave your current area and try the earbud somewhere else to see if it works properly. If it works, then you’ll want to proceed with making sure that you don’t have objects that could interfere with the signal in areas where you’re bound to use the earbud more frequently.

  • Update the Firmware

For good measure, you’d want to check if the issue is with the current firmware of your device. To do this, simply, download the Raycon app on your smartphone, launch it, and connect your earbuds. Next, you want to navigate through Settings >> Firmware Update. If you have an update available, it’ll pop on your notification, then you can tap on it to update the firmware.

Raycon Earbuds not Pairing: Causes & Fixes

Fixing a Raycon earbud that’s failing to pair is relatively easy. For one, the issue is usually due to it being low, or earlier paired to another device. If your battery is low, the earbuds are liable to disconnect right away after being paired. 

While that’s the case, you can only pair to one device at a time, and if you have a device nearby that has been connected earlier, you’ll want to turn off the Bluetooth of that device first to avoid auto connection. Lastly, the Bluetooth range is about 30 meters, any connection you attempt outside this range will most likely not work. 


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