Samsung Soundbar Factory Reset: Step-by-Step Guide

Samsung soundbars are a great way to improve the sound quality of your TV without necessarily getting a home theatre set. While they come in different sizes and price points, any you get to choose from will carry the signature manufacturing quality of Samsung.

Being a great soundbar, there’s very little that can go wrong while using it. However, there can be some minor exceptions once in a while – and we will be looking at some in subsequent writing.

In this article, we’ll be giving a step-by-step guide on how to factory reset your Samsung soundbar. If you’ve been looking to troubleshoot your device or learn in case you eventually get one, you’ll want to continue reading.

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How to Reset a Samsung Soundbar

Doing a system reset is most times all your device needs to start working properly again. Whether you’re having connection, audio, or power issues, it’s usually one of the troubleshooting methods you’ll want to try because it usually gets the job done.

There are two types of resets you can perform on a Samsung soundbar; soft reset which involves power cycling the system, and hard reset which can be done with your remote control or buttons on the soundbar.

How to Soft Reset/Power Cycle a Samsung Soundbar

A soft reset is the first troubleshooting method you want to explore because a factory reset completely erases your data and personal configuration on the soundbar. Soft resets are ideal for handling issues related to Bluetooth connection timeout, or audio distortion.

All you need do is remove the power cord, and disconnect other cables. Leave it for about 5 minutes, then plug it back in.

How to Hard Reset a Samsung Soundbar

There are two methods for resetting a Samsung soundbar; with its remote control, and with the volume buttons on the soundbar.

Hard Resetting a Samsung Soundbar with Remote Control

  1. Turn off the soundbar.
  2. Press and hold the Power button on the remote control for about 5-10 seconds.
  3. Release the button when the soundbar displays the message “INIT” or “Reset” on the front panel.
  4. Wait for the soundbar to reboot and restore to its default settings.

Hard Resetting a Samsung Soundbar Using Volume Buttons

  1. Turn on the soundbar.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on the soundbar simultaneously for about 5-10 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons when the soundbar displays the message “INIT” or “Reset” on the front panel.
  4. Wait for the soundbar to reboot and restore to its default settings.

When to Perform a Factory Reset on your Samsung Soundbar

Generally, you can solve pretty much any issue by factory resetting your soundbar, however, not all problems warrant that level of troubleshooting, especially if they can be done by simple power cycling.

  • Connectivity Issues

If your system’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI cable, or Optical cable is having an issue, a factory reset should be in order, even before you consider buying another cable to test things.

  • Sound Problems

It doesn’t matter if your issue is about audio-video syncing, distortion, or no sound at all, a factory reset is often the best decision to take. Your device will typically act in order if there are no problems with the speakers themselves.

  • Performance Issues

If your Samsung soundbar is not performing as well as it used to, resetting can sometimes improve its performance. This is because most of the time, the problem is associated with what you’ve set unknowingly while using the soundbar.

  • Bugs

If you happen to be in the process of a firmware update but it stopped abruptly, or you did a recent firmware update that came with bugs to your device, a factory reset is the only way to solve the issue.

  • Before Selling or Giving Away your Soundbar

It is a good idea to reset your soundbar before selling or giving it away, to erase any personal settings or data. Not only does it remove you from the risk of giving out personal info, but it also sets up the recipient on the path of receiving the system as if it’s new.

Samsung Soundbar Factory Reset: FAQs

  • Do Samsung Soundbars Come with Dedicated Reset Buttons?

No, Samsung soundbars currently do not have a dedicated reset button. If you want to reset your soundbar, you’ll need to use any of the two methods outlined above.

  • How do I Avoid having to Factory Reset my Samsung Soundbar?

  1. Keep your soundbar’s firmware up to date.
  2. Avoid connecting your soundbar to too many devices at the same time.
  3. Unplug your soundbar from the power outlet when you are not using it.
  4. Avoid placing your soundbar in direct sunlight or humid environments.
  • I have reset my Samsung Soundbar but it’s still not working. What should I do?

If you can confirm that you didn’t confirm you make any physical damage to the device and a reset doesn’t fix your issue, you may need to contact Samsung Support for assistance.


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