JLab Earbuds Blinking Blue Light: Causes & Fixes

JLab is a popular brand of earbuds that offers a variety of models to choose from, including rare wireless earbuds, and sports earbuds. Known for their affordable prices, good sound quality, and comfortable fit, there’s the best choice for users looking for budget-friendly options on premium-looking devices.

While they are a great solution for people looking for budget-friendly alternatives, this is often traded for better build quality and the absence of some features like ANC.

However, that’s not the main issue as users are also sometimes faced with functionality difficulties – like the constantly blinking blue light which we’ll offer solutions for in this article. First, we’ll talk about the potential causes that could cause it, and then how to fix them.

jlab earbuds blinking blue light

JLab Earbuds Blinking Blue Light: Possible Causes

Although JLabs makes some quality devices, there are still some challenges that users may encounter. Here are some of them below.

  • Earbud is Stuck in Pairing Mode

JLabs earbuds automatically go into pairing mode once taken out of the charging case, and most of them use a blinking blue light as an indicator. When your device happens to always fail to pair, it gets stuck here, allowing you to see the blue light more than normal.

  • The Earbud is Low on Battery

There are some models of JLab earbuds that have a low battery light indicator that is blue. In this case, if you continue to manage the device, you may get repeated blue light blinks. This is not really an issue as it gets to stop as soon as you have it plugged in or doesn’t blink at all when the battery is at good capacity.

  • The Earbud is Defective

A defective earbud can be due to a number of things. For one, there may be something wrong with the charging case, as such, it doesn’t receive and/or supply enough charge to the earbuds, thus it’s always stuck on a low battery. Also, there may be an electronic issue possibly caused by water damage or factory fault, which makes the device stuck blinking a blue light.

JLab Earbuds Blinking Blue Light: How to Fix

Given that JLab earbuds and cases are sealed for optimal sound quality, it’s a serious challenge trying to fix some hardware-related issues. Nevertheless, here are some troubleshooting procedures that you can give a try at least before having to contact customer support for a warranty claim.

  • Try Pairing them with your Phone

If you always notice the blinking blue light when the earbuds are out of its case, you can easily drop it by pairing your phone. If you notice that the earbud is having trouble connecting to your device, the next action is to forget it on your smartphone and try again. Also, you may need to restart your smartphone just to make sure the problem isn’t coming from your Bluetooth.

  • Reset the Earbuds

When you notice that your earbud seems to be stuck in the blue blinking light, you may need to factory reset it to bring it back to normal. You can do this with the steps below.

  1. Put the earbuds in the charging case.
  2. Press and hold the button on the left earbud for 7 seconds. The earbud will blink blue 4 times.
  3. Repeat step 2 with the right earbud.
  4. Take the earbuds out of the charging case.
  5. The earbuds will be reset and will enter pairing mode.

While you want to make sure that the earbuds are turned off before starting the reset process, keep in mind that a reset will mean an erase of all your settings.

  • Contact Customer Support

Other than charging the earbuds and the two solutions outlined above, there’s not really much you can do when your JLabs earbud is stuck blinking its blue light. The next option is to consult customer care especially if you’re sure that you didn’t cause any physical damage that may void your warranty claim.

JLab Earbuds not Charging: Causes & Fixes

JLabs earphones are quite durable, as such, a charging issue is nothing that’s likely to cause permanent damage or is irreparable.

JLab Earbuds not Charging: Possible Causes

  1. Plastic film over the charging pins
  2. Outdated firmware
  3. Charging pins clogged with dirt
  4. Bad charger and/or charging cable
  5. Physical damage to earbud case/charging case.

JLab Earbuds not Charging: How to Fix

The first step to fixing a JLab earbud that’s failing to charge is to make sure that there’s nothing blocking the charging pins. This involves removing the plastic film (if any) and cleaning the charging pins with a soft brush. If you’ve got WD-40 it’ll come in handy as well.

Next, you want to make sure that you’re not being faced with a software issue; search for updates using the app and update if necessary. While that’s the case, the real challenge here may just be the charging source. You may need to replace that with something you can confirm works, or even better, test the charger on another device with the same charging port.


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