TWS Earbuds Not Charging: Causes & Fixes

TWS earbuds are quite popular among people looking for budget-friendly earbuds that have still got some level of quality features.  Although the company also creates high-end models, they’re generally the go-to brand for quality low-budget sound devices. 

The portability of these devices puts you in a position to be able to use them for pretty much any activity; from music while in the gym, to podcasts, workplace, and while lying on the bed.

However, there’s always been a recurring problem; over time, the earbuds will suddenly stop charging. Luckily, it’s not really that big of a problem as one can easily fix it as we’ll explain how in this article.

tws earbuds not charging

TWS Earbuds Not Charging: Possible Causes

Most of the factors that can cause a TWS earbud to stop charging can’t really be blamed on the manufacturers. User handling and storage play an even more important role than we realize. At the same time, we can’t deny the fact that TWS has some room for improvement to help with the user handling issue.

  • Damaged Charger/Charging Cable

If your TWS earbuds stop charging, this is the first culprit you’d want to consider responsible – it’s not a lot different from other chargeable devices. You can verify if the issue is with your charging cable if you’re able to get the earbud case to charge, but not the earbuds themselves. 

  • Damaged Charging Port of Earbud Case

Sometimes, due to mishandling while being plugged in, the charging port of the case can break off its panel causing the device. In cases like this is often not reparable unless you’re handy with microelectronics. It’ll involve taking the earbud case apart and resoldering the charging port back in place; which is not an easy task. 

  • Dirt Blocking the Charging Pin and Earbud Contacts

If you’ve been using your TWS earbuds for a while, then this is most likely the reason it is not charging. Over time, there might be an accumulation of dirt on the contact pin in the charging case, and the contacts on the earbuds itself. Whichever is the case, we’ll be giving a quick tutorial on how to fix it in the next section.

TWS Earbuds Not Charging: How to Fix

  • Clean the Charging Pins, Earbud Contacts, and Charging Port

Over time, there can be an accumulation of dirt in these areas as they’re often exposed. What you want to do is take a soft brush and scrub the pans, contacts, and charging ports. Then you want to gently blow to release the dirt. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to see the dirt at first, just brush and retry if it fixes the issue. You can also consider the use of compressed air for blowing, however, understand that you don’t need a lubricant or any fluid to carry out this exercise. 

  • Charge Directly

If you’ve been charging through a USB hub previously you may have unintentionally killed the battery as most USB hubs don’t have enough power to charge items consistently – they’re only good for emergency situations. You’ll want to get a standard charger and try charging your device through that to see what gives.

  • Check Charger and Charging Cable

Oftentimes, the problem may not even be associated with your earbud or its case, rather, it’ll be the charger. After confirming that your earbud and its case are in good condition, you want to check the charger you’re using and the charging cable. The best way to do this is simply by plugging it into another device with a similar charging port to see if it works.

  • Plug in for an Extended Period

There are times when you find your TWS earbud case completely drained such that it doesn’t even show its charging indicator till after it’s left on the plug for an extended period of time. This is often common when you don’t use it for a while.

Problems Related to TWS Earbuds and How to Fix Them

Every product has its flaws, here are the ones that have been spotted by multiple users of TWS earbuds.

  • Poor Battery Life

Users often complain about battery life in a lot of TWS earbud models. While this is the case, it’s still a valuable product as can make it a lot bearable with good maintenance. First, you want to drain the earbud case and then charge while the earbuds are out. Then put the earbuds back in, and charge again. If you’ve been having relatively low battery life compared to what’s being advertised, this trick should help.

  • Left or Right Side Earbud Not Working

If you’re having this issue with your TWS earbud, it’s probably because both ears have gone out of sync with the connected device – you’ll want to perform a factory reset. Simply take one of the earbuds out, and long-press the multifunction button till the earbuds start offering to pair again. Alternatively, you can forget both ears on your mobile phone and reconnect again.

  • Continuous Disconnection of Sound

In this case, you want to, first of all, reset the device, and for advanced models, consider checking for a firmware update and updating if there’s one. Also, you want to check the charge level of the device as this can also cause disconnection. 


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