JLab Earbuds Not Showing on Bluetooth [FIXED]

No doubt, Bluetooth technology has helped things go wireless— which is easier. You get to go anywhere without the hassle of wires. However, Bluetooth can get tricky at times.

The Bluetooth-enabled JLab earbuds are no exception to this. Despite their impressive quality, the earbuds sometimes are not visible to nearby devices. In this case, they won’t show on your device’s Bluetooth list.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight the most common causes of this issue alongside DIY fixes that can help.

jlab earbuds not showing on bluetooth

Jlab Earbuds Not Showing on Bluetooth: 6 Common Causes

Before you begin pressing buttons and trying different fixes, it’s best to see whether you can discover the problem source. To make things easy, we’ve highlighted here six common reasons why your Jlab Earbuds are not showing up in your Bluetooth settings:

1. Earbuds Not in Pairing Mode

It sounds obvious, but when your JLab earbuds are not in pairing mode, they won’t be discoverable. JLab earbuds are made to go automatically into pairing mode the first time you use them. However, subsequent pairing may require you to put the earbuds in pairing mode manually.

2. Battery is Low

If the earbuds or your source (phone/device) battery is low, they may not be visible to each other. Having the earbuds’ battery drained out interferes with the pairing process due to unstable signals.

Also, if you’ve been using your JLab earbuds for a long time, the battery health might have dropped. Low battery health causes the earbuds to indicate a high percentage when the charge is already low. Either way, charging them up will override any software process,  stopping them from pairing.

3. Poor Bluetooth Quality

For quick discoverability, the JLabs earbuds require a solid Bluetooth signal between them and their sources. Most JLab earbuds can only receive signals within a 30-feet circumference. Any farther than this, and the earbuds won’t show up on your source device.

For optimal connection, you should aim for 2 feet, especially when you’re outdoors.

4. Bluetooth Interference:

Your environment can interfere with your Bluetooth signal. This includes anything you have on or around your JLab earbuds. Some instances where certain elements can cause Bluetooth interference include:

  1. Having moisture from rain or sweat on your earbuds or source device — MP3 player, phone or other audio player.
  2. When a clothing or cover is over the top of your source device.
  3. When metal objects  (like coins and keys) are near the earbuds and the source.
  4. Having too many Bluetooth signals, happens in busy locations.
  5. Certain devices such as mice, microwaves & routers can also interfere with your Bluetooth.

5. Another Device is Paired Already

Only a few models of JlLab earbuds can connect to more than one device at once. So, having a device connected can result in this issue. Normally, your JLab earbuds should be blinking blue and white light indicating that they are not yet paired, but ready to pair.

But, If paired already, you’ll see only white light. If that’s the case, you should turn off all other Bluetooth or “forget” your earbuds on the device.

6. Incompatibility Issues

Like many other technologies, Bluetooth has evolved over the years with new revisions and specifications. While the JLabs earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0, which should be discoverable on most of your devices, it may not show on the Bluetooth list of very old phones or laptops.

Jlab Earbuds Not Showing on Bluetooth: 5 Working Fixes

Below are highlighted fixes that can get you over this Bluetooth issue. Let’s take a look at them each.

1. Recharge the Earbuds

Try plugging your earbuds and charging them to 100% before pairing, even if it has some battery left. To indicate a good battery, typically between 25 and 100 per cent, the LED light will appear green. If the battery is less than 25%, a red light will appear.

No matter which model you’re using, it won’t take more than 3 hours to charge up your earbuds. Also, charge your phone/device if the battery is low.

2. Restart Both Devices

Before going on to the following fixes, rebooting your device (whether Android, iOS or Windows) and the JLab earbuds could be helpful. Rebooting is the quickest way to get rid of temporary bugs hindering Bluetooth visibility.

Once both devices are rebooted, turn on your Bluetooth from the settings or Control Centre and try connecting them again.

3. Activate Pairing Mode

Though the JLab earbuds are equipped with automatic pairing, you may still need to manually activate pairing mode due to glitches and certain configuration issues. There are broadly two kinds of JLab earbuds: the wireless and the true wireless. You can activate the pairing mode on each of them by following these steps:

– For True Wireless JLab Earbuds: To put in pairing mode, you need to press and hold the multi-function button on both earbuds for 3 seconds or more. If that’s successful, the LED indicator on the right earbud will blink blue and white. Some JLab true wireless earbuds will blink on both pieces.

– For Wireless JLab Earbuds: To put in pairing mode, you have to press and hold the multi-function button for up to 10 seconds. If successful, you will see the LED light blinking red and blue.

4. Forget your Earbuds

“Forgetting” your earbuds is necessary if you’re attempting to connect to a secondary device, and not the one you normally connect it with. To forget your earbuds, you should:

  1. Navigate to the settings of the device (phone/laptop) you previously connected to.
  2. Select Bluetooth. On the list of paired devices, select your JLab earbuds and tap “forget”.
  3. Now, activate pairing mode on your earbuds.
  4. Select them for pairing on your source device’s Bluetooth list.

Also, you should forget all other earbuds and headphones you’ve previously connected to prevent them from automatically connecting when you need your JLab earbuds to connect.

5. Reset your JLab Earbuds

Note that resetting your JLab earbuds will help erase all bugs, previous data and configurations. To perform a reset on your JLab earbuds, follow these:

  1. Forget your JLab earbuds from your Bluetooth settings.
  2. Keep the earbuds in its charging case
  3. Quick tap on one of the JLab earbuds 7 times. It will blink blue 4 times.
  4. Quick tap on the other one 7 times. It will blink blue 4 times too.
  5. Take the earbuds out of their charging case.
  6. One of them should blink blue and white indicating that they are now ready to pair.


The above fixes should help you get your JLab earbuds showing on your Bluetooth list in no time. If you’re still experiencing this issue, contact JLab support for a possible replacement if your warranty is still valid.


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