Beats Headphones Not Connecting: Causes & Fixes

There are not a lot of headphones that deliver the same high-quality audio as Beats headphones. Developed by Beats Electronics, a subsidiary of Apple Inc., no user would expect less when paying for such a premium product. However, this is not always the case as there have been multiple users having connection issues with their headphones. 

Being a high-end product, these problems aren’t usually taken lightly by its users. If you happen to be among these types of users, don’t worry, we’ll be offering a solution in this article.

In subsequent writing, we will outline possible causes why your Beats headphones are not connecting, and also highlight ways to troubleshoot it.

beats headphones not connecting

Beats Headphones not Connecting: Possible Causes

Despite Beats headphones being well-crafted with the best hands, there are still some nuances where it doesn’t perform as expected. Even though not all the causes are factory-related, Beats Electronic still owes it to their customers to address it if it’s possible.

  • Low Battery

If you have a habit of leaving your headset’s battery to be exhausted before charging, then you’re very likely to experience disconnections while it’s in use.

More so, you won’t be able to pair/connect your smartphone to your Beats headphones properly while its battery is low. The easiest solution here is to charge your headset; if the battery is still healthy, the connection problem will stop.

  • Firmware Issue

When your headset starts running behind on a couple of updates, you’re typically going to experience some minor malfunctions and that includes possible disconnection of your device.

This usually happens when you’re using your Beats headphones with a Windows PC or an Android device but don’t have the Beats app installed.  As you may have guessed, simply conducting an update can solve it issue.

  • Distance or Interference Between Headphone and Playing Source

The standard connection range of a Beats headphone is around 30 feet, anything more will likely lead to connection disruption. In a similar fashion, if you have a microwave, wireless router, and other similar interrupters, you may not be able to connect or pair with your device.

Beats Headphones not Connecting: How to Fix

Fixing the connection issue of your Beats headphones shouldn’t be a problem. The only downside is that you may have to try out multiple troubleshooting procedures before getting what works based on what caused the issue earlier.

  • Update Firmware

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you’re less likely to need to do this manually as your device is designed to automatically update the Beats headphones if there’s an update available.

However, if you use an Android, you’ll want to download the Beats app and have it updated. All you need to do is connect your headphones and open the Beats app, and any new update will be automatically detected.

  • Make Sure It’s in Pairing Mode

If your initial problem involves not being able to see your Beats headphones as part of an available device, then your solution is to simply take it to pairing mode. To do this, press and hold the power button of the headphones for about 5 seconds to get the blinking Bluetooth light, then connect. 

  • “Forget” the Headphone and Reconnect

Sometimes, especially when your current firmware is bugged and outdated, you will need to forget your device and reconnect again to solve your connection problem.

For iOS devices, simply navigate through Settings >> Bluetooth >> Your Device >> Forget This Device.

On an Android, uninstall the Beats app, navigate through Settings >> Bluetooth >> Your Device >> Unpair, then reinstall the Beats app. Allow the headset pair again from scratch and see if the connection issue is solved.

  • Reset the Beats Headphone

Resetting the headphones is the last resort if any of the options above doesn’t work. Although forgetting it on your smartphone has more or less the same effect, it’s still worth a try. Here are the different ways to reset Beats headphones.

Resetting the Beats Studio, Studio Wireless & Solo2 Wireless 

Long press the power button for about 10 seconds, wait for the white and red light to blink three times then stop.

Resetting the Beats Solo Wireless, Solo3 Wireless & Studio3 Wireless 

Long press the power button, and volume down button for about 10 seconds until the indicator lights starts to flash.

Common Problems with Beats Headphones

Despite these devices being of premium quality, it’s sad to say they’re not always perfect. If you don’t already own a Beats headphone, you may want to consider these potential problems that may arrive when you get one.

  • Beats Headphones Not Turning On

This issue is often caused by a system failure, as such, a simple reset can do the trick. However, in cases where it’s from a dead battery, you’ll want to try charge for an extended period, or a complete replacement if you’re tech savvy. Also, it it happens within a year of usage, you could make a warranty claim for a replacement or proper repair.

  • One Side of Beats Headphones not Working

This is usually the problem with most of their wired headphones; one of the ears usually stops because of physical damage. Meanwhile, whether you use Bluetooth or a wired connection, you’re not exactly safe.

First, you want to make sure that the issue isn’t caused by physical damage. Next, you want to proceed to resetting the headphones and updating its firmware.

  • Latency on Beats Headphones

Sadly, you’re likely not going to be able to fix this problem on your Beats headphones as it’s caused by a flawed design. Beats headphones aren’t designed like most gaming headphones, as such, you’re likely to notice some latency especially if you’re using it on AAA games.

For wired connection, they transmit signal around 5 – 10 ms and 35 – 300 ms for wireless connections. They may be sleek and good-looking, but not the best choice if you’re looking for a headphone with extremely low latency.


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