Beats Headphones Not Turning On: Causes & Fixes

Beats Headphones are one of the premium options in the headphones market – whether you’re getting an earbud or a standard earphone. Despite being perfectly crafted by Apple Inc. there are a lot of end users still complaining about their headphones failing to turn on without knowing the specific cause.

Whether you’re using a Beats X, Beats Solo 3, Beats Studio 3, PowerBeats Pro, or Beats Flex and it suddenly stops turning on, don’t worry, we’ll be highlighting the causes and how to solve the issue in subsequent writing. 

beats headphones not turning on

Beats Headphones not Turning On: Possible Causes

Beats headphones are no doubt one of the high-end options out there, as such, it’s a serious anomaly to have it suddenly stop turning on. This means there are not a lot of things that could cause a system failure making it stop turning on. 

  • Dead Battery

In most cases, especially when the headphones have been unused for an extended period, the battery may have drained. In this case, you may need to charge for an extended period as well; a simple 30-minute charge may not be enough to boost the phone. 

  • Faulty Power Button

At times, it could be that the power button of your device has gone defective. Before it damages completely, you may have noticed that it only comes on after several tries, other times you may notice being able to turn it on when the charger is connected. To quickly confirm if this is the cause, you want to press and hold the power button for a few seconds to see if a reset is possible. 

  • Problem with Current Firmware.

If for any reason your Beats headphone starts failing to turn on, it can also be a result of corrupt or outdated firmware. The typical situation here is to attempt a reset, and then update the firmware immediately after. 

  • Hardware Issues

In rare cases, there may be a hardware problem with your Beats headphones that is preventing them from turning on. If you have tried all software-related solutions and it still won’t turn on, you may need to contact Apple support for assistance. They may either offer you a warranty claim or have it fixed with Apple Care.

Beats Headphones Not Turning On: How to Fix

There’s only so much you can do to fix a Beats headphone that’s not turning on without voiding its warranty. The good thing is that most of these troubleshooting procedures usually get the job done. 

  • Try Charging for an Extended Period

Usually, if the problem is caused by a dead battery, you can have it revived by charging for an extended period. This is only effective if the charging light can come on while plugged in, otherwise, your problem is likely not from a dead battery. Meanwhile, you may just want to plug in for about 30 minutes before concluding that the charging light won’t be coming on.

  • Clean the Powe Button

This is often the solution if you happen to have a faulty power button. Cleaning the power button with WD40 or any other cleaning fluid for electronics can help remove accumulated dirt in the button contact surface with the board. With WD40, you don’t need to take apart your device before cleaning, simply spray, and wipe out the excess on the surface of your headset.

  • Perform a Hard Reset

This is the solution you want to try when you notice that your device is charging, and the power button doesn’t have any visible issue. Resetting all Beats headphones involves holding the power button for about 10 seconds; if you’re able to reset yours, then you should have no issue turning it back on with a single press.

  • Contact Customer Support 

If the above options fail, this should be your next step, even before attempting a battery replacement. If you happen to have not used your Beats headphones for up to a year, you can make a warranty claim and get a replacement or have it fixed for free by Apple Care. If you’ve used it for more than the warranty period, then contacting customer support may not be the most effective option.

  • Replace the Battery

If you’ve used your device above the warranty period, then taking it apart to replace the battery may be your best choice. The only downside to this is that you have to be good with taking apart electronics to be able to do it correctly. More so, as the device isn’t coupled with knots, coupling it back might be a little tricky if you don’t have the right tools.

Can You Fix Beats Headphones?

Yes, you can fix Beats headphones, however, the extent to which each technician or DIY-savvy savvy can do it depends on their experience and the level of damage to the headphones. Simple issues like loss of connection, can be fixed either by a factory reset or software upgrade, but things like a damaged battery or bad power button will require taking apart the device which is not just risky, but also voids the warranty. 

Ultimately, if you’re using the correct tools for the job, and the damage isn’t too severe, you can fix your Beats headphones even if it means you have to take them apart. However, for severe damages like circuit burns, you may be better off getting a new device altogether.


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