JBL Headphones Not Connecting: Causes & Fixes

JBL headphones can seamlessly connect to any device that has Bluetooth, and it’s quite easy to do. But, sometimes the headphones can fail to connect to your device. In this blog post, we’ll cover the common causes of this issue and the best DIY fixes that can help.

jbl headphones not connecting

JBL Headphones Not Connecting: 5 Common Causes

The reasons why your JBL headphones are not connecting can range from its pairing mode disabled to Bluetooth interference. Now, let’s take a look at them each.

1. Low Battery

If you’ve been using your headphones for quite some time now, the batteries might have gone weak even at a high percentage.

Battery health is crucial to connecting JBL headphones to your device as their firmware is built to prevent them from connecting when the battery level is too low. Also, low battery levels can interfere with the pairing process or result in unstable signals.

2. Pairing Mode is Disabled

It may sound obvious, but if your JBL headphones are not pairing mode, they won’t connect. Issues with pairing mode can occur due to temporary glitches, low battery, incorrect configuration, or if they’ve not been used for some time. Fortunately, you can manually turn the pairing mode back on.

3. Another Device is Connected

JBL headphones can only support a single Bluetooth connection at a time, as they lack multipoint pairing. Hence, they’ll fail to connect to your device if another device is already connected.

When the JBL headphones are in pairing mode, they automatically connect to the closest recognized device that you’ve previously connected with. A steady blue LED light shows that it is already connected.

4. Headphone Needs Reset

A hard rest will essentially return your JBL headphones as they were bought. This can potentially help you fix any glitch affecting Bluetooth connectivity. It also wipes off any data you’ve previously saved.

5. Poor Bluetooth Quality

The JBL headphones need, to a degree, quality Bluetooth signals for a seamless connection. They will fail to connect if that signal is not established.

A common reason is when the device is too far away, or out of the 30-feet bluetooth range. Interfering signals from your microwave or obstructions like the wall reduces the tendency of a connection.

JBL Headphones Not Connecting: 6 Fixes

Here are some simple DIY fixes that will help you get over the issue:

1. Charge it Up

Try charging your JBL headphones until full, then reconnect to see if the issue still persists. 

2. Restart and Disconnect your Phone/Laptop

Sometimes, visibility issues occur from your device. You should restart/reboot (not turn off and on) your smartphone/laptop to resolve this. After it’s on, you can delete the headset from your device’s Bluetooth setting while making sure they are in close proximity.

3. Unpair from other Devices

Before beating yourself on this issue, be sure that the headphones are not already connected to another device. A solid blue LED light confirms this. What you have to do is remove it from your Bluetooth profile.

On your Android smartphone or iPhone, open your Bluetooth settings by long pressing the Bluetooth icon from the control center and tapping ‘Forget this Device’. Better still, you can move the paired device away or turn off its Bluetooth.

4. Activate Pairing Mode

While in pairing mode, your JBL headphones’ indicator should be blinking a blue light. If not, that means they have exited the pairing mode.

To activate this mode, just push the Bluetooth button at the bottom of the right ear cover for a few seconds. You’ll hear a sound indicating successful activation.

5. Reset your JBL headphones

A simple reset can help solve this connection problem. Firstly, ensure that you have enough battery. Next, open your device’s Bluetooth pairing list and remove the headphones from the list. This is to ensure that everything starts anew after it’s been reset. Follow the steps below to reset:

  1. Turn your headphones on; turn off Bluetooth on your device
  2. Long-press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ volume buttons. This should take between 5-15 seconds depending on the model. Note, however, that you’re to press only the power button if you’re using the Everest series.
  3. Once you see the LED light flashing, it indicates a successful reset.
  4. Next, turn on your Bluetooth, and pair again. The passcode is usually 0000.

5. Improve Bluetooth Connectivity

As aforementioned, “electromagnetic noise” from technical equipment like the microwave and WiFi modems can disturb the connection of JBL headphones. It can also happen if a number of nearby devices are on the same Bluetooth frequency. In both cases, it is best to move the headphones away. 

You should keep the device within a circumference of at least 7 meters.

Why are my JBL Headphones Flashing Blue and Not Connecting?

Flashing blue is to indicate that your headphones are on. In this state, they are not yet connected or are in the process of connecting. You’ll see a solid blue light once they are connected. If they won’t connect, it is most likely because the devices are not in pairing mode, are out of range, or have low batteries.


We trust you’ve not written off your JBL headphones. The steps in this comprehensive guide should help you get them connected again. If the issue still persists, it is most likely hardware-related. You should contact JBL’s customer care in that case.


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