Best Audio Settings for Astro A10

The Astro Gaming A10 is a top-of-the-line headset that delivers exceptional sound quality and durability. With this headset, players can expect crisp and clear audio, but that’s only if you have the audio settings right. 

In this article, we will into the best audio settings to make sure you’re getting the most out of your gaming experience.

best audio settings for astro a10

How to Adjust Audio Settings for Astro A10

To adjust the audio settings for the Astro A10, follow the steps below 

1. Headset Connection

  • Connect the Astro A10 headset to your gaming device. You would have to use the provided 3.5mm audio jack. Once connected, ensure that you get a secure and snug connection to minimize audio interference.

2. System Settings

Before adjusting the headset’s settings, make sure your gaming device’s audio settings are optimized. This setting would depend on the platform you’re using (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.).  You can follow these general recommendations:

  • PC: Open the Sound settings in your Control Panel or System Preferences and set the Astro A10 as the default playback and communication device.
  • Xbox: Go to the Settings menu, select Audio, and make sure the Astro A10 is set as the default audio output.
  • PlayStation: Access the Settings menu, choose Devices, and set the Astro A10 as both the input and output device.

3. Astro Command Center (ACC)

The Astro Command Center allows you to fine-tune your headset’s audio settings for PC and Mac. Download and install the ACC from the official Astro website.

  • Launch the ACC and connect your Astro A10 headset to your computer using the USB cable.
  • With the ACC, you can make a range of customization options, including equalizer presets, microphone settings, and more. 

For enhanced gaming, here is an example of a configuration to go for;

  • Equalizer Presets: Choose the “Astro” preset or the “Gaming” preset for an enhanced gaming experience. With these presets, you can give emphasis to footsteps, gunshots, and other crucial in-game audio cues.
  • Microphone Settings: The Astro A10 comes with a built-in microphone that can be adjusted to boost voice communication. In the ACC, you can select the microphone tab and apply the following settings to get the best audio:
  • Microphone Level: Set the level based on your voice volume. Test and adjust until your voice comes through clearly without distortion or clipping.
  • Sidetone: Enable sidetone if you prefer to hear your own voice through the headset while speaking. Adjust the sidetone level to your preferred level, but avoid setting it too high, as it can cause distraction.
  • Stream Port: If you’re using the Astro A10 for streaming or recording purposes, the stream port allows you to capture game audio and microphone input separately. Adjust the stream port settings as per your specific requirements.

4. In-game Audio Settings

Apart from the headset and system settings, you can also tweak the in-game audio settings to greatly enhance your gaming experience. These settings can vary depending on the game you’re playing, but you can always apply these recommendations:

  • Music and Sound Effects: In this area, you need to adjust the sliders to achieve a balanced mix between in-game music and sound effects. If you notice that the music volume tends to overpower the important audio cues, then you need to bring it to a lower volume.
  • Surround Sound: If the game supports it, you can enable surround sound for a more immersive experience. This feature does help greatly in the game, increasing spatial awareness and making it easier to locate important environmental sounds.


You can also use the Astro A10 nifty game/chat balance dial, so you can adjust the balance between in-game audio and chat volume. If you’re playing multiplayer games and need to communicate with your teammates, you will able to use this feature to hear both the game sound effects and your friends’ voices clearly.


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