Best Audio Settings for Bose Soundbar 500, 700 & 900

Soundbars, including the Bose soundbar 500, 700 & 900, are becoming increasingly popular as a way to enhance the audio experience for television and music.

However, many users have reported that the default audio settings on these soundbars can be less than optimal. In order to truly experience the best possible sound on the Bose soundbar 500, 700 &900, it is necessary to properly adjust the settings.

To assist in this process, we have created a comprehensive guide that includes IQ settings, as well as specific settings for different modes such as music, movies, and shows.

best audio settings for bose soundbar 500 700 900

Factors such as room size and layout can greatly affect the sound, so you need to tweak these settings to ensure you get the best sound in any circumstance. 

By following these guidelines, you can fine-tune your soundbar to match the genre of audio you are listening to and achieve the highest quality sound.

Best Bose Soundbar 500 Sound Settings

When it comes to setting the best sound setting for the Bose Soundbar 500, there are several things to consider. Below, we are going to talk about how to set the bass and treble settings, as well as the center and volume. Keep in mind that you can always tweak these settings to suit your preferences. 

Use the specific settings below as a guide:

  • Bass and Treble: To get the best sound production, you should set the bass at 40 and the treble should be set at 50.
  • The Center: Setting the center at 30 provides the best listening experience. 
  • Lower and Higher frequency: These settings are very essential for a superb Soundbar experience. You will need the user manual for directions before setting them up. The lower frequency should be set at 450 Hz and the higher frequency should be set at 500 Hz.
  • Bass Module Range: Leave the base module range at a 40 setting. 
  • Leave Gear: The leave gear should be set on 100.
  • Volume Settings: The volume should not be more than 30% of the maximum range.

Best Bose Soundbar 700 & 900 Sound Settings

The out-of-the-box Bose Soundbar 700 setting provides one of the worst listening experiences. Luckily, you can tune it and get the best experience. Following the steps below, you can tune the settings for different modes including movies, music and shows. 

Best Bose Soundbar 700 & 900 Sound Settings for Movies & Shows

  • Bass: 40
  • Treble: 50
  • Centre: 30
  • Rear: 100
  • Volume: 30%

Adjusting the Bass Module (40)

The bass, or lower frequencies, on a soundbar can greatly affect the overall sound quality. It is a crucial aspect, similar to the treble, which contributes to the clarity of the audio. We found that by adjusting the bass to a level of “40,” the movies and shows we watched had the most optimal response, creating a cinematic experience in the comfort of our own home.

Adjusting the Treble (50)

The treble on a soundbar plays a crucial role in determining the pitch and clarity of the dialogue. To achieve optimal clarity, we recommend adjusting the treble settings to “50.”

Adjusting the Centre (30)

The center channel sound on a soundbar is an essential aspect that can greatly impact the overall sound experience. To ensure the best results, we suggest adjusting the center channel to “30.”

Adjusting the Rear (100)

The rear audio on a soundbar is just as important as the center sound in creating an immersive audio experience for movies and shows. To achieve the perfect sound, we recommend adjusting the rear audio to “100.”

Best Volume for Movies & Shows (30%)

Adjusting the volume is a matter of personal preference, but during our tests, we found that the soundbar performed optimally when the volume was set at 30%. This level provided a balance of bass, dialogue clarity, and an audible sound, which was quite impressive.

Best Bose Soundbar 700 Sound Settings for Music

  • Bass: 60
  • Treble: 30
  • Centre: 30
  • Rear: 100
  • Volume: 40-70%

Adjusting the Bass (60)

The bass is a critical aspect of music and is essential for a proper listening experience. To fully enjoy the music, we recommend adjusting the bass on the soundbar to “60.”

Adjusting the Treble (30)

Vocals play a crucial role in any music genre, be it rap or pop, and greatly contribute to the overall listening experience. To ensure clear lyrics, we recommend adjusting the treble on the soundbar to “30.”

Adjusting the Centre (30)

For the optimal music listening experience, the center channel on a soundbar should be adjusted to “30” when in music mode.

Adjusting the Rear (100)

For the ultimate music listening experience, adjusting the rear settings to “100” is a must. We were impressed with the results when we made this adjustment, and you won’t regret it either.

Adjusting the Volume (40-70%)

Our tests revealed that the soundbar performed best when the volume was set between 40-70%. We recommend adjusting the volume within these settings for optimal movie viewing experience.

ADAPTiQ Audio Calibration Settings

The ADAPTiQ is a feature found in Bose 700 soundbars that adjusts the audio to the specific acoustics and layout of the room in which it is placed. This can greatly improve the overall audio experience. However, many people may not be aware of this feature and may not know how to access and adjust it.

To adjust the ADAPTiQ settings on your Bose 700 soundbar, follow these steps:

  • Plug the ADAPTiQ headset into the audio jack on the back of the soundbar.
  • Use the remote control to press the “Sound Touch” button.
  • Press and hold the “8” key on the soundbar until the “TV” and “Bluetooth” lights blink.
  • Follow the audio prompts to complete the calibration process.
  • Once finished, unplug the ADAPTiQ headset and turn on the ADAPTiQ mode to enjoy the best sound.
  • Keep in mind that this calibration is based on the current room acoustics and layout. If these change, the ADAPTiQ settings will need to be recalibrated.


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