LG Soundbar No Sound: Causes & Fixes

LG is one of the popular audio-centric brands, with products that offer quality electronic solutions through state-of-the-art home theater technology. Soundbars from LG, are renowned for clear audio and easy setup, all at an affordable price. 

However, these benefits can only be enjoyed when the soundbar is working. Users of LG soundbars do experience issues with the device occasionally, and one of these is the problem of no sound. 

Before making a trip to the repairer’s shop though, there are a couple of troubleshooting steps you can try. In this guide, we have compiled a list of possible causes of no sound from your LG soundbar, as well as their quick fixes.

lg soundbar no sound

LG Soundbar No Sound: Possible Causes 

There are several reasons why your LG soundbar could not be producing any sound. Although most of the likely causes listed here are often generic, they are the most commonly encountered factors.

By systematically going through each step, you increase the likelihood of identifying the root cause of the problem and have greater chances of fixing it. 

  • Low Volume Levels

Oftentimes, the issue you face might just be a case of low volume levels. If the volume of your LG soundbar is below 10, you most likely wouldn’t hear a thing. You should also crosscheck the volume of your TV set or other source devices you might be using, as that could likewise be a factor. 

  • Faulty Cables/Wrong HDMI Connection

Power, HDMI, optical, and analog cables wear down over time and could become defective. If this is the case, there would be no sound from your LG soundbar. Sometimes, the cables might be in good condition, but the connection might be loose and wobbly. That could also affect sound transmission. 

Furthermore, it’s common knowledge that there is an HDMI connection pattern that is peculiar to soundbar systems. An improper HDMI connection would result in no sound. For instance, connecting the cable meant for the HDMI eARC port, to the HDMI ARC port. 

  • Private Sound Mode Enabled 

Private sound mode is a feature available on a few devices and is operated using the LG AV remote app. The mode allows you to play the audio from your sound system through your mobile device, via a wireless connection. If this feature is enabled, the audio can only be played via a mobile device, and not from the soundbar itself. 

  • Special Playback Modes Enabled

There are special playback modes through which media plays back in special ways. This includes Pause, Slow Motion, and Scan modes. For the sound transmission of your soundbar to function appropriately, the mode has to be set to normal playback. 

  • Improper Input/Output Settings 

When establishing the connection between your soundbar and the chosen source device, always remember that the sound comes OUT of the source device, and into the soundbar. Improper connection of the audio wires may result in no sound. 

  • Enabled Internal Speakers

For the soundbar to function, it has to bypass the built-in speakers of your TV set. However, if these inbuilt speakers are enabled, the soundbar is unable to bypass them, and this would result in sound transmission interference. 

  • Remote Control Problems

While this might seem trivial, problems with the remote control are one of the common causes of no sound from the LG soundbar. These problems could stem from low battery levels or interferences caused by the use of multiple remote controls. 

  • Weak Bluetooth Connection

This is commonly encountered by those utilizing the wireless connection option. For the soundbar to produce sound, there has to be a strong and stable connection between the source device, and the soundbar. 

  • Might Need a Soft Reset 

Running the soundbar for prolonged periods, without disconnecting from the power source might lead to temporary malfunctions. These malfunctions can be easily corrected with a soft reset. Step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a soft reset on your LG soundbar are provided below. 

  • Outdated Firmware

Regularly updating the firmware of your LG soundbar helps you stay in the loop with new features, and avoid bugs. If the firmware of your soundbar is outdated, you are likely to experience bugs that can affect the sound production. 

  • Might Need a Factory Reset

If all other troubleshooting steps fail, this is the last you can try. Note though, that factory resetting your soundbar would lead to a permanent loss of all its settings, including Bluetooth/Wi-Fi settings, paired devices, etc. Instructions on how to carry out a factory reset on your LG soundbar are given in the next section. 

LG Soundbar No Sound: How to Fix

The aforementioned possible causes of no sound from your LG soundbar can be fixed by following a couple of steps. If none of the steps outlined below solves the problem, and the issue persists, it’s advised you seek assistance from LG’s customer support service. 

  • Adjust Volume Levels

Ensure that the volume levels from the TV and soundbar are high enough. The volume levels should not be below 10. If it is, you can adjust it using the remote control. A quick hack is to turn the soundbar off and increase the volume on the TV. 

After this, turn the soundbar back on. The volume at this time would be very high. You can then adjust it accordingly, as you would prefer. 

  • Disable Special Modes & Internal Speakers

All special modes, ranging from the private sound mode to special playback modes, should be disabled. The internal speakers of the TV set or other source devices should also be disabled. 

  • Ensure Proper Connections

Ensure that the power cord, HDMI, optical or analog cables as the case may be, are all in good condition. You can confirm this by carrying out a physical inspection of the wires. All audio wires and cables should also be securely connected to their respective ports. 

  • Ensure Stable Connection and proper Remote Functionality 

There should be a strong and stable Bluetooth connection, between the soundbar and the source device. You can ensure this by allowing reasonable distances between both devices. Other devices that can cause interference and overcrowd the network, such as a router, should also be avoided. 

Furthermore, it’s advisable to use a high-quality universal remote control that operates all devices, rather than multiple remote controls, and be sure to change the batteries regularly. 

  • Carry Out a Soft Reset

To carry out a soft reset on your LG soundbar, you’ll want to turn on the soundbar, and then long-press the input and Bluetooth buttons for about 10 seconds. The soundbar should automatically restart if you do it correctly. 

While that’s the case, if you don’t have the soundbar remote, you can also reset it using the buttons on the soundbar itself. All you need do is long-press the power and volume down buttons for about 10 seconds. If you did it correctly, the device should restart.

  • Update the Firmware

To update the firmware on your LG soundbar, you will need to download the latest firmware file from the LG website, and then install it on your soundbar using a USB drive. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the LG website and find the support page for your soundbar model.
  2. In the Software Update section, click the Download button to download the latest firmware file.
  3. Unzip and copy the firmware file to the root directory of a USB drive.
  4. Turn on your soundbar, and connect the USB drive to the USB port on your soundbar.
  5. Press the Home button on your remote control.
  6. Select Settings From the menu navigate through Settings >> Software Update >> Update from USB, then select the firmware file.
  7. Your update should start automatically, then you let the update wizard do the rest.

Do not turn off your soundbar or disconnect the USB drive, while the update is in progress. Once the update is complete, your soundbar will turn off and then turn back on automatically.

  • Carry out a Factory Reset

There are two ways to factory reset your LG soundbar: Using the remote control, or using the buttons on the soundbar itself.

Using the remote control:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote control.
  2. Select Settings From the menu, navigate through Settings >> General >> Reset >> then enter your pin.
  3. If you haven’t used any pin before, the default pin is “0000”
  4. Select “Yes” to confirm the reset.

Using the buttons on the soundbar:

  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons on the soundbar simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  2. Release the buttons.
  3. The soundbar will turn off and then turn back on automatically. 


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