Vizio Soundbar Input Lights Explained

In the world of home audio, Vizio soundbars have become a popular choice for enhancing the TV viewing experience. One intriguing feature that sets Vizio soundbars apart is their use of input lights.

These small but illuminating indicators serve a crucial role in helping users navigate their audio sources effortlessly. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Vizio soundbar input lights, decoding their colors and patterns to help you make the most of your entertainment system.

vizio soundbar input lights

What is Vizio Soundbar Input Lights

Vizio soundbar input lights are designed to indicate the current state of the soundbar. This should tell when you have your audio plugged in and if the soundbar can transmit sound.

These input lights are usually located on the front panel of the soundbar and can be useful for quickly identifying which input source is currently active. This is particularly helpful when you have multiple devices connected to the soundbar, such as a TV, gaming console, Blu-ray player, or streaming device.

There are typically four input lights on a Vizio Soundbar; HDMI 1, Optical, Bluetooth, and Other Inputs/HDMI 2. Each input source is assigned a specific color or pattern, and the corresponding input light will illuminate or flash to indicate the active source. Conversely, when the soundbar isn’t receiving any audio signal, the light will turn off. 

  • HDMI ARC (Audio Return Chanel)

Newer Vizio soundbars support HDMI input. These models come with a specified input light that comes with a specific color or pattern for this source which is commonly used for connecting the soundbar to the TV.

  • Optical Input

Although not every Vizio soundbar comes with an optical or digital optical input, if your model has one and it’s connected, there’s usually a unique input light to indicate its connection.

  • Bluetooth

During pairing mode, this input light is generally expected to be flashing, then become stable when paired. Also, the Bluetooth pairing light can either be a unique color from the other input types, or multiple colors.

  • Other Inputs

If you’re using a more recent Vizio soundbar model, you’re likely to have more than three input lights, and the fourth light will depend on your specific soundbar series and model. It can either be an aux-in, USB, or HDMI input.

Some models can come with a single light whose flashing pattern will indicate the kind of active input, and then there are others with individual input lights. While that’s the case, the specifics of the input lights and colors will vary by soundbar model. To know the precise one for yours, you’ll need to contact Vizio customer support or read your user manual.

Vizio Soundbar Input Light Patterns and Their Meanings

  • All lights off: The soundbar is turned off or in standby mode.
  • One light on The soundbar is turned on and receives an audio signal from the corresponding input.
  • Two or more lights on The soundbar is turned on and receives audio signals from multiple inputs.
  • All lights flashing The soundbar is having trouble detecting an audio signal.
  • Bluetooth light flashing The soundbar is in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Bluetooth light on The soundbar is paired with a Bluetooth device.

Troubleshooting Tips for Vizio Soundbar Input Lights

  • Make sure that all of the cables are properly connected to both the soundbar and the audio source.
  • Try connecting the soundbar to a different input.
  • Try updating the soundbar’s firmware
  • Try restarting the soundbar and the audio source.
  • If you are using Bluetooth, try pairing the soundbar with a different device.
  • Exit demo mode if it’s engaged.
  • Reset the Soundbar
  • If you are still having trouble, contact Vizio customer support for assistance.

Vizio Soundbar Input Lights Explained: FAQs

  • Why are all of the input lights on my Vizio soundbar flashing?

If all of the input lights on your Vizio soundbar are flashing, it means that the soundbar is having trouble detecting an audio signal. This can be caused by several things, such as a loose cable or a problem with the audio source. To fix it, you may have to consult a troubleshooting guide or contact customer support.

  • How do Vizio soundbar input lights work?

Each input source is assigned a specific color or pattern, and the corresponding light illuminates or flashes to indicate the active source.

  • How can I switch between input sources on my Vizio soundbar?

You can switch between input sources using the remote control that comes with your soundbar. There should be a dedicated button or menu option for this purpose. Alternatively, you can press the input function button on the body of the soundbar till it gets to the input you want to use.

  • Are Vizio soundbar input lights customizable?

No, Vizio soundbar input lights are not customizable. These lights are designed to indicate the current state of the soundbar, and they can’t be changed by the user.

  • Can I disable the input lights if I find them distracting?

No Vizio soundbar currently can have its input lights disabled. If you’re concerned about the light, you may want to reposition the soundbar such that it doesn’t reflect in your eyes, or try a different soundbar model.


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