Best Settings for Vizio M Series Soundbar

Say you’re not getting any treble from your Vizio M Series Soundbar, this could mean you won’t be able to get clear dialogue, which hinders you entire experience. By tweaking the settings of the soundbar, you can get a better soundstage and enjoy a premium audio experience. 

In this guide, we will go through the best settings to optimize your soundbar for different music genres, movie types, and audio files. 

Settings for Vizio M Series Soundbar & How They Work

best settings for vizio m series soundbar

Setting 1: Music Genre – Pop, Rock, and Dance 

If you love lively and energetic music like pop, rock, and dance, then the “Dynamic” sound mode is perfect for you. This setting emphasizes the bass and expands the overall sound, making you feel like you’re at a live concert. It gives more power to the low tones, making the beats and rhythms sound strong and impactful.

With the dynamic setting, you’ll find yourself tapping your feet and bobbing your head to the infectious grooves as the soundbar creates an immersive audio environment.

Setting 2: Music Genre – Classical and Jazz

For classical and jazz music, where clarity is the main thought, the “Pure” sound mode is your best bet. This setting ensures that every note is reproduced perfectly, without any distortion.

The pure mode balances the sound across different frequencies. From the softest violin to the resonating depths of a grand piano, the soundbar will reproduce each instrument, enabling you to enjoy the dynamic range and subtle details of the music.

Setting 3: Movie Types – Action and Adventure 

To fully enjoy the thrills of action-packed movies and thrilling adventures, switch to the “Movie” sound mode on your Vizio M Series Soundbar. This setting will enhance your cinematic experience.

The function of the movie sound mod setting is to boost the mid-range frequencies, ensuring clear dialogue and sound effects, while maintaining a balanced bass for explosions and intense chase scenes. With the movie mode, you will become a part of the action which adds more impact to your movie-watching experience.

Setting 4: Movie Types – Drama and Dialogue-driven Films 

For films that focus on dialogue and emotional depth, such as dramas and dialogue-driven movies, the “Voice” sound mode becomes your ideal audio option. This setting prioritizes clear speech reproduction by minimizing background noise and boosting the mid-range frequencies.

With the voice mode, you won’t miss a single whisper or subtle conversation, allowing you to fully engage with the characters and the story. With this setting, you will hear every line clearly form the movie.

Setting 5: Audio Files – High-Resolution and Lossless Formats 

If you enjoy high-quality audio files, then you would need to have specific settings in place to enjoy the best listening experience from the Vizio M Series Soundbar.

High-quality audio files in formats like FLAC or ALAC would sound a lot better when you activate the “High Fidelity” sound mode. This will maintain the original audio quality without any unnecessary enhancements. This setting provides a neutral and balanced audio profile allowing you to experience music the way it was meant to be heard.

Best Settings for Vizio M Series Soundbar

When it comes to setting up your Vizio M Series Soundbar for various scenarios, you should note that the optimal settings can vary based on personal preferences and the specific soundbar model you own. However, here are the best settings you can try for movies, different music genres, and gaming:


  • Sound Mode: Surround or Movie
  • Bass: +2 to +4 
  • Treble: +1 to +3 
  • Center Channel: 0 
  • Surround Speakers (if available): On or Surround Mode
  • Virtualization (if available): On (to create a wider soundstage)


  • Sound Mode: Music or Standard
  • Bass:
  • Treble: 0 
  • Surround Speakers (if available): Off or Music Mode
  • Virtualization (if available): On or Off 


  • Sound Mode: Game or Dynamic
  • Bass: +2 to +4 
  • Treble:
  • Surround Speakers (if available): On or Game Mode
  • Virtualization (if available): On (to enhance spatial audio and immersion)


  • Sound Mode: Sports or Game
  • Bass: +2 to +4 
  • Treble: 0 
  • Surround Speakers (if available): On or Sports Mode
  • Virtualization (if available): On (to enhance crowd noise and stadium atmosphere)


  • Sound Mode: Standard or News
  • Bass: 0 
  • Treble: 0 
  • Center Channel: +2 to +4 this would enhance dialogue clarity)
  • Surround Speakers (if available): Off or Standard Mode

You can always adjust these settings to suit your preferences. Keep in mind that the music settings would be different for different music genres. The same goes for the gaming and movie settings. You can try out the provided options as a starting point for optimizing the soundbar settings. 


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