Best Equalizer Settings for LG Soundbars

When it comes to electronics, LG has always set the pace. LG soundbars are not different, offering one of the best audio experiences when listening to any type of media. However, you can only use the soundbar to its full potential if you understand how to tweak the Equalizer settings. 

In this guide, we have provided a breakdown of how to customize the equalizer settings for LG soundbars. This guide comes with easy instructions so you should be able to apply the guidelines even if you’re not tech savvy.

best equalizer settings for lg soundbar

LG Soundbar Equalizer Settings Explained

This guide below gives you an idea of how the equalizer settings for LG soundbars work

  • Learn the Equalizer Bands: The LG Soundbar Equalizer features a range of frequency bands through which you can control different aspects of the audio output. On LG Soundbars, you will find multiple bands, such as 100Hz, 300Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz, and 10kHz. Each band represents a specific frequency range, The lower bands optimize the bass frequencies while the higher bands catering to treble frequencies. You might also want to check the LG soundbar user manual to gain a better understanding of the equalizer bands and how they work.
  • Start with Flat or Default Settings: Before you start working on equalizer adjustments, we recommend you begin with the default or “flat” equalizer settings. This setting ensures that the audio output is balanced and neutral, which will provide a baseline for you to work with. It also allows you to understand the natural sound signature of your LG Soundbar before customizing it to your preferences. This is also a great way to start if you’re not tech savvy.
  • Identify Your Audio Preferences: To get the perfect equalizer settings, you need to know what you’re going for based on your audio preferences. Consider the genres of music, movies, or games you enjoy the most. Do you prefer more bass in your music or are you going for a more balanced sound? When you know your preference, you can easily use them as guide during the equalizer tweaking process.
  • Enhancing the Bass: To add depth to your audio, you will need to focus on the lower frequency bands. This is where the magic happens when it come to getting more bass to your audio. You need to adjust the lower frequency bands by increasing the levels. Increase the levels in the 100Hz and 300Hz bands to emphasize the bass, especially if you enjoy genres like hip-hop, EDM, or action-packed movies. However, you might want to do this carefully so as not to overpower the audio with excessive bass, as it may lead to distortion and muddiness.
  • Fine-tuning the Midrange: The midrange frequencies, such as 1kHz and 3kHz, is where you get the clarity and presence of vocals, instruments, and dialogues. Depending on your preferences, you can slightly boost these bands to bring vocals forward or attenuate them to get a more balanced sound. There are lots of options to go for here, so you should experiment with these bands until you’re able to strike the perfect balance between clarity and warmth.
  • Treble: The higher frequency bands, typically 10kHz, allow you to enhance the treble and add sparkle to your audio. To hear the more intricate details in the audio or your music, you need to boost these bands. Just like tweaking the bass frequencies, you might want to avoid overemphasizing the treble, as it may result in a fatiguing listening experience.
  • Test: When you’re done with the setup process, you might want to test out your new settings.  Experimenting with the setting on all your media files. If you noticed any distortion, you can go back and tweak the settings. If you’re not able to get the hang of it, you might want to check the user manual for more assistance.

Best Equalizer Settings for LG Soundbars

To achieve a balanced sound across all media, you could try this setting for a balanced and immersive sound experience. While this equalizer setting would work for most media types, you would want to tweak this setting to suit your preference. 

  • 100Hz: +2
  • 300Hz: +1
  • 1kHz: 0
  • 3kHz: +2
  • 10kHz: +1


When optimizing your LG soundbar equalizer settings, you should explore different equalizer settings based on the content you are viewing or listening. Some genres or movies would work best with more pronounced bass, while others may require a more neutral and balanced approach. As you try them out and adjust them, you can easily achieve the best audio performance. 

To further enhance your audio experience, you can consider the LG Soundbar’s additional sound modes or presets that are specifically designed for different content types. Using these modes, you can enhance specific aspects of the audio, such as dialogues and virtual surround sound.


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