Samsung Soundbar Crackling Noise: Causes and Fixes

Samsung soundbars are great for home audio experience every time except when they start giving out crackling, popping, or buzzing noise. It can be annoying as a user running your head through what might have gone wrong.

Whatever the problem, fixing it will most likely be something you can do yourself. And in this blog post, we have put together the most common causes of the “Samsung Soundbar Crackling Noise” as well as some DIY fixes that can help.

Samsung Soundbar Crackling Noise: Common Causes

samsung soundbar crackling noise

1. WiFi Interference

If you’re using Wi-fi to connect audio to your Samsung soundbar, interference of signals and congestion on the specific Wi-fi frequency band and channel you are on can result in crackling noises in your soundbar. This happens when there are a sheer number of users on the Wi-fi network or when your close neighbors’ routers are interfering with yours.

2. Loose Connection

If the cables are loose, it can cause electrical interference which results in crackling sounds. Poor wire connection can also create ground loop noise and distort the sound of your Samsung soundbar.

3. Temporary Glitches in your Soundbar

If you’ve been using the Samsung soundbar for weeks, or left it plugged, chances are that the crackling and popping noise is caused as a result of a glitch or software bug. All you need to do is perform a hard reset on the device.

4. Interfering Devices

This happens when electronic devices are just too close to the Samsung speaker. Such devices include phones, tablets, wireless routers, microwaves or even old analog cameras.

They can interfere with your Samsung soundbar due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) which can cause distortion, crackling, or buzzing noises in the audio output.

Samsung Soundbar Crackling Noise: 10 Proven Fixes

If you are currently experiencing crackling or popping sounds from your Samsung soundbar, there are several possible fixes you can try:

1. Check the Connections

It may sound obvious, but ensure that all cables are securely connected to the soundbar, the TV or other devices, and the power outlet. Also, try disconnecting and reconnecting the cables to the soundbar (at both cable ends) to ensure that they are firmly attached, and then check for the crackling noises again.

To be on the safe side, replace any faulty cables as they can also cause popping noises. It’s also possible a solder broke down over time and may now need repair.

2. Reset the Soundbar

Doing this can help reset the soundbar and eliminate any temporary glitches like white noise, loud hissing noise, or even a lack of response to the remote control and power button. There are 2 methods to go about this troubleshooting:

(i) Soft Reset: turn off the soundbar and disconnect it from the mains supply. Hold on for at least 10 minutes and then plug it back in and turn it on.

(ii) Hard Reset: the alternative is to hard reset your Samsung Soundbar by powering it off and then long-pressing the Play button until it displays ‘INIT OK’. After that, power on your soundbar, and then pair/connect the soundbar to your source again.

3. Check for Nearby devices

It is necessary to keep electronic devices (such as phones, tablets, wireless routers, microwaves, or even old analog cameras) some distance away from your soundbar. These devices can cause electromagnetic interference that can result in crackling sounds. Try relocating them to a distance of at least 3 feet away from the soundbar and see if the crackling noises stop.

4. Change the Wi-Fi Band and Channel on your Router

The bands are of two kinds: the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi. Under each band, there are a number of channels. If at all the 5GHz Wi-Fi (most preferred) connection is not smooth, try using the 2.4GHz bandwidth. You will also want to use a Wi-fi analyzer tool to check which of the channels do not overlap with your neighbors’ so you can change it accordingly on your router’s homepage.

5. Adjust your subwoofer

Do you have your subwoofer connected to your Samsung? If yes, try unplugging it from the power outlet. Next, reset your soundbar by powering it off and pressing down the play/pause button for some seconds until you see ‘INIT OKAY.’ Plug in the subwoofer again and power on the soundbar – they will connect automatically.

You should also ensure that the subwoofer and soundbar are within the 30-foot Bluetooth range.

6. Troubleshoot with Different Sources

Try replaying the same audio content from different sources/devices connected to the soundbar. If the crackling noise/ popping sound only occurs on one source, replace the cable that device is connected with. If crackling noises continue after replacement, there is definitely an issue with the external device.

7. Adjust the Sound Settings

Check the sound settings on your TV or other devices to ensure that the audio output is compatible with your soundbar. You may need to adjust the audio format or volume settings to eliminate crackling sounds.

8. Reduce the Volume of the Sound Bar

Ensure that you turn up the volume on your TV to the maximum so that you can directly reduce/adjust the volume of the soundbar. This may be helpful since when the output (soundbar) volume is high and the source (TV) volume is low, it causes interference.

9. Place your Soundbar elsewhere

In solving a crackling sound bar issue, changing its position may help. The soundbar might have been placed close to other electronic devices, which can cause interference leading to popping noise. Placing your soundbar elsewhere, away from other devices, can substantially decrease or eliminate the crackling sounds.

Note that the position of the Samsung soundbar can affect audio quality. So, experiment to get a better position.

10. Update the Firmware

Check if there is an available firmware update for your Samsung soundbar. Outdated firmware can cause compatibility issues and audio problems. Once the soundbar is connected to the internet, it will automatically update.

Another option is to obtain the update for your soundbar from Samsung’s website directly, save it to a USB device, and then transfer it to your soundbar. To do this:

  1. Visit the Samsung Download Center. Choose your product type, and then search for your soundbar model.
  2. Next, go to the Manuals & Downloads section, and find the latest firmware file for your soundbar.
  3. Select Download.
  4. After the download is complete, locate the file and unzip it.
  5. Copy firmware’s files to your USB flash drive.
  6. Next, turn on your soundbar and connect to it the USB flash drive into a USB port on the soundbar usually behind
  7. Your soundbar’s display will flash “UPDATE” or the current progress of the update in % during the process.
  8. Switch to the USB source using the Source button on the soundbar (only for some models).
  9. Once the update is complete, the soundbar will turn off.


These DIY fixes are all you need to solve the crackling sound issue. If by any chance you’re still facing the issue, your soundbar might be experiencing a hardware issue and you should contact Samsung support for further assistance.


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