Sonos Soundbar not Working: Causes & Fixes

Sonos soundbars are a line of wireless soundbars that are designed to enhance the sound quality of your TV. They’re available in a variety of models, each with its own unique features and capabilities. If you’re ever looking for a budget-friendly soundbar, one of theirs should definitely be among your top options.

While that’s the case, if you already own one and are currently facing some challenges, we’ll be happy to help with this article. In subsequent writing, we’ll outline possible causes that can stop your Sonos soundbar from working, and also, how to troubleshoot them.

sonos soundbar not working

Sonos Soundbar not Working: Possible Causes

Sonos soundbars are often well designed with good quality, as such, if anything ever goes wrong it’s usually easily noticeable. The only downside is that because they’re sealed, carrying out internal fixes as a DIY enthusiast is usually not effective.

  • Problem with the Power Supply

Sonos soundbars use a detachable power cord, as such, cable management could be an issue that’ll result in a problem with the power supply. Also, the issue with the power ratings can lead to a situation where the soundbar won’t perform optimally unless it’s connected to a standard socket.

  • Connectivity Issues

Sonos soundbars use WiFi to connect to the home network for streaming. If your WiFi isn’t working correctly, or you happen to be using a bad ethernet cable, then you won’t be able to use the soundbar effectively.

  • Software Bugs/Outdated Software

Sometimes, your auto-update may fail because of a poor internet connection or a power outage during the update process. When this happens, your current firmware version may remain, but you won’t be able to use the soundbar effectively going forward unless a proper update is done.

  • Hardware Problems

Although not too common, if you happen to have a hardware failure of any kind, your Sonos soundbar won’t work. Whether it’s damage to the ethernet pins, power input, or power button, any of these is serious enough to stop your device from functioning properly.

Sonos Soundbar not Working: How to Fix

As said earlier, Sonos soundbars are sealed, not knotted. As such, fixing any issue that may require taking the device apart isn’t always easy. Oftentimes, it’s just best to work with customer support especially if you’re valid for a warranty claim.

  • Power Cycle the Soundbar

This is the first troubleshooting procedure you want to try before anything else. You basically want to turn it off, and disconnect the power cable for about 10 minutes, then put it back on. This type of reboot is oftentimes effective when you have a failed update and need the device to revert to it’s previous firmware version.

  • Factory Reset the Soundbar

If you happen to be having a connection problem, or audio playback issue, or the soundbar is just not responding to commands, a factory reset is the fastest way to have it corrected. To reset your Sonos soundbar, follow the steps below.

  1. Unplug the soundbar from the power outlet
  2. Press and hold the play/pause button and the volume up button at the same time while plugging the soundbar back into the power outlet.
  3. Continue holding the button until the light on the soundbar flashes orange and then green.
  • Update your Soundbar’s Firmware.

If your Sonos soundbar is having audio playback or connectivity issues, you can have it solved by simply installing the latest firmware update if available. Here’s a step-by-step guide to updating the Sonos soundbars.

  1. Ensure that it’s connected to your WiFi network
  2.  Launch the Sonos app, and navigate through Settings >> System >> System Updates.
  3. If an update is available, it’ll be listed here, then you can tap on it to update.

Common Problems with Sonos Soundbars and How to Fix Them

Even though Sonos soundbars are quite durable, there are some issues that may arise mostly because of their manner of usage.

  • The soundbar not Connecting to the WiFi

This is often as a result of your WiFi router having an issue. However, if you can confirm that your WiFi is active by connecting with your device, then follow the following procedure.

  1. Ensure the soundbar is within range of your WiFi network
  2. Make sure you’re entering the correct WiFi password
  3. Restart the Soundbar and routers
  4. Update the soundbar’s firmware.
  • Soundbar not Recognized by TV

This is usually not an issue if you’re setting up with setting up with authentic Sonos soundbar accessories; especially the TV’s audio cable. 

Check the TV and ensure that its output audio settings are correctly configured to use the soundbar. You may want to toggle through different audio outputs and cables to find what works.

  • Soundbar producing Crackling Noise

This is often due to radio interference or the use of a defective cable unit. Sometimes, it can be caused by wrong equalizer settings of the soundbar and/or TV set. 

To correct either, you’ll want to try using it in a different environment or scan the current environment to remove anything that may cause interference. You also will want to make sure that the audio cable is in good condition, and replace if needed.


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