Vizio Soundbar Crackling Noise: Causes & Fixes

The Vizio soundbar is a decent compliment to an existing surround system or a cheaper alternative to getting one. Unlike standard surround sound systems, it’s usually more dynamic and portable, making it the best choice for people living alone.

Despite all its advantages, there have been multiple user reports where they claim to be hearing a crackling sound while using their device. If you happen to fall in this category of users, don’t worry, we’ll be offering some solutions in this article.

vizio soundbar crackling noise

Vizio Soundbar Crackling Noise: Possible Causes

Most of the causes of the crackling noise you may hear while using your Vizio soundbar may not necessarily be a fault from the manufacturer. A lot is hinged on your style of handling and overall operation of the device.

  • Wrongly Set Equalizer

This is the first cause you want to consider, especially if you’re the type that loves tinkering with the equalizer of sound devices when playing music. You want to make sure that the device’s equalizer is set to default, and that the equalizer of any sound app or TV that it’s connected to is in default as well. 

  • Connection Issues

It’s so often the case with soundbars, if happen to have any device nearby that’s interrupting the connection wave, you’re likely to get momentary static sounds while it’s being used.

Sometimes this may even be hearable when the device is just connected but isn’t use to play anything. In the case of wired connections, there can be a clear case of breaches in the wires such that you start to notice that you can’t get a clear signal if you don’t move them around.

  • Improper Placement of Soundbar

Sometimes, even when the equalizer settings and the connection is well done, a minor issue like where you keep your soundbar could be the issue. If you’re placing your device on a loose desk or any surface in general, you’re likely to get a crackling sound when you play the device, especially if it’s a bass-intensive sound.

  • Physical Damage to Soundbar

There are times (usually the worse) when the casing or even speakers of your soundbar can become damaged because of consistent mishandling. In this case, getting a new soundbar is usually the only viable solution. 

Vizio Soundbar Cracking Noise: How to Fix

In truth, there’s not a lot you can do to fix the crackling noise of your Vizio Soundbar when it involves damage to its parts. This is why you want to exhaust all other options before making a conclusion about getting a new one.

  • Reboot Your Vizio Soundbar 

This should be the first remedy you should try before anything else. If your cracking issue happens to be caused by power, connection, or equalizer settings, it can be resolved here.

All you need do is turn off the soundbar, wait for about 10 seconds, and turn it back on again. You can also decide to do a complete power cycle by taking it off any power supply for an extended period before putting it back on.

  • Rest the Soundbar

In cases where you have an issue with the equalizer settings, a simple reset will be all you need to stop any cracking sound. This is also the solution to work with if you had an interrupted update that may be causing an issue.

Simply power off the soundbar, wait for about 10 seconds, and long-press the Bluetooth, and volume down buttons while putting it on. Release the buttons when the LED light starts to flash.

  • Check Your Soundbar Connection

 If you’re playing with a Bluetooth-enabled model, you want to make sure that there’s no device obstructing the free flow of the wireless connection.

Also, with audio cables, make sure that the cables are in working condition, and are they’re properly fit in their respective ports. There’s no outright way to know if an audio cable is in good working condition until you try to fiddle with it and see if you get a clearer sound delivery.

Meanwhile, if getting a new audio cable is cheap in your area, you might as well go for it before making any conclusions to get a new device entirely.

What to do If your Vizio Soundbar Won’t Turn On

Usually, if your Vizio Soundbar won’t turn on, your issue is likely related to a power surge in the home, or there has been damage to your power cable. The Vizio soundbar is a durable device that can withstand a significant level of power surge, as such your main focus should be on changing the power cable to see if it solves the issue.

You want to check for cuts, burns, or any form of physical damage that the device may have incurred, if seen, a complete replacement is required to get it back on again.

While that’s the case, the above procedures may be useless if your AC source is damaged as well, so, you’ll want to have that checked first, before proceeding. 


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