Bose Soundbar Blinking White Light: How to Fix

Bose Corporation is an electronics manufacturing company known for its high-quality sound speakers and equipment. Their Smart Soundbar 900 offers Dolby Atmos® and Bose TrueSpace™ technologies for immersive sound and is an all-around favorite for users, and rightly so, it’s the company’s current flagship device.

Despite all the high-end tech packed into this device, there have still been some cases where users complain about some defects – particularly a blinking/flashing white light. Although Bose already has the meaning of their light indicators on their site, they don’t exactly explain how it can be resolved if the issue persists.

bose soundbar blinking white light

Bose Soundbar Blinking White Light: Possible Causes

Several instances can make your Bose Soundbar start Blinking. While you can still use the device even when it happens, a lot of the time, your Soundbar will stop playing till you’re able to have it fixed.

  • Congested Internet Bandwidth

Sometimes, when your Soundbar begins to update, there may be a kind of stalling when you have too many connections to the internet source. In this case, you will experience an update failure, as such, become plagued with the blinking light while the speakers stop playing. 

  • Soundbar is Searching or Connecting to an Internet Network

If you used to, but for some reason, disconnected your device from your internet source, then at every boot session, it will retry connecting to the device before coming on completely. In the case when there’s a scheduled firmware update, it might get stuck in the network searching stage making it extra difficult for you to play sounds with the speakers.

  • Soundbar is Searching or Connecting to a Bluetooth Device

Depending on usage, your Soundbar may sometimes always attempt to connect to a Bluetooth device (smartphone) after every bootup session. In this case, you can simply fix it by switching the function if you won’t be playing from your phone.

  • Soundbar is Paused or Muted

Part of the lighting code associated with a working soundbar includes pausing and muting the speakers. There’s not a lot to do here, a simple play, or unmute operation can stop the light from blinking. The same thing also applies when you’re using the volume commands.

Bose Soundbar Blinking White Light: How to Fix

The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is quite the sophisticated sound equipment, as such, any serious issue will require the use of the expertise of a technical support staff. Luckily, the problems that may cause your device to start flashing its white light aren’t serious.

  • Check your Internet Connection

The most common solution to a blinking white light on the Bose Soundbar lies within the ethernet connection. If you were previously using your device without an internet connection, then this may not be the solution, however, if you do, then chances are that this may just be the problem you need to fix.

First, you want to make sure that your internet bundle is still active, then proceed to check how many people are using the network at the time – evaluate the bandwidth. If it’s too close to the limit, you may want to cut some devices off so your soundbar gets a good share of the connection. Next, you want to take a look at the ethernet cable you’re using. Check it on your PC to make sure it’s a working cable, if it isn’t you’ll want to replace it right away.

An interruption of the internet connection will cause your device to be stuck in the connecting phase, or fail to receive a firmware update, thus, the white light will start to blink.

  • Make Sure you didn’t Mute or Pause the Soundbar

If your internet connection is good, then you’ll be able to open the Bose Music app and check/control the soundbar settings. Launch your soundbar app to confirm that your device hasn’t been muted or paused without your knowledge. Doing this may cause the white light indicator to flash, however, it can quickly be reverted if you start to play again.

  • Do a Soft Reset

The white light of a Bose soundbar will blink when the system is rebooting or being updated. While this is going on, you could have a situation where your network was interrupted, as such, the update won’t be completed. In such cases, your device gets stuck updating, and the blinking indicator is stuck with it. Your quickest bet to get it working again is a soft reset.

You can soft reset the device by unplugging all connected cables and leaving it idle for about five minutes. On the next reboot, the previous update will remain, then you can attempt installing the new update again.

The white light indicator on the Bose Soundbar 900/700/600 serves to notify users of several things going on with the device. In this article, we’ve only covered instances that may result in your soundbar being unplayable. Other white light flashes like the voice assistant and volume commands are what you can learn to work with while operating the system.


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